Helping You Put Your Life Back on Track

Achieving your personal goals doesn't have to be a challenge. At Your New Lease on Life, Karen offers personalized life coaching services for anyone in need. She works with clients in Honolulu, Hawaii, and other areas within the United States. As your life coach, she'll show you how to reach objectives you've set for yourself. She can even help you get out of debt.

Inspirational Life Coaching Services

Lead the life you want by working with Karen. With her by your side, you can reach different milestones. When you meet with her, she'll work with you to develop a personal success plan. This plan will include the steps you'll need to take to meet a goal. Karen will support you as you follow your plan and encourage accountability.

It doesn't matter if you want to organize your household chores or continue your education; Karen can assist you with developing a plan to accomplish it. She is also skilled in many other lifestyle areas, including career development and saving money to travel.

Meeting Options

There are two easy ways to work with Karen. You can meet with her face-to-face or online via Skype™. Each meeting option is available for a reasonable fee. If you're interested in paying for more than one session at a time, this option is also available. As an added bonus, Karen provides unlimited email and text contact services for all clients. You'll also have the option to call her up to 10 times during your meeting time at no added cost.


Inspirational, patient, encouraging, positive and driven are the words that immediately come to mind when thinking about Karen Rosner. I had the privilege of working with Karen for a few years which ultimately became some of the most valuable years of my life. Karen genuinely believed in my potential as a person and always lifted my confidence. Her advice and encouragement pushed me away from my hesitation to take charge of my dreams and to not settle for anything other than extraordinary. I never wanted to let Karen down because I knew she genuinely cared about me and truly believed in me with every ounce of her being; therefore, I pushed. I pushed towards my dreams and am now living out a career I never imagined possible. I am eternally grateful that God placed her into my life. If you decide to work with Karen, prepare to have the rest of your life changed beyond your wildest dream. She is incredible!



Karen understands that life happens, and you may have to cancel a meeting with her. To cancel a session, please contact her 24 hours before your appointment time. She'll waive your fee. If you haven't given notice of your cancellation during the required time, a fee will be processed.