Teaching You How to Budget Your Money Effectively

Become free from debt by following Karen Rosner's proven money management techniques. By turning to Your New Lease on Life, your finances will improve. Karen will show you how to develop your financial planning skills. She'll also show you how to budget your money easily. Don't forget to ask her about her life coaching services.

Stress-Free Budget Coaching

Avoid the stress of filing for bankruptcy or debt consolidation by considering budget coaching. With Karen as your coach, you'll learn how to rebound from your financial problems. In the past, Karen was more than $42,000 in debt. After using some key techniques, she was able to pay off her burden within two years. Work with her to learn these same methods to better your situation.

Additionally, Karen will help you identify where you are spending your money. This will show you where most of your money is going. She'll then work with you to develop a budget plan that you can manage. Your plan will improve your finances. Plus, you won't have to rely on credit cards.

Meeting with You

Karen offers two convenient meeting options for you to choose from for coaching. Depending your preference, she can talk with you in Honolulu, Hawaii, or online. For online sessions, she will connect with you via Skype™. Each meeting option is available for an affordable fee. You also have the option of purchasing more than one session at a time. This package deal is available upon your request.

Cancelling a Session

If for any reason you have to cancel a session, please reach out to her 24 hours before your appointment. This way she can waive your fee. If a cancellation notice is not received a day before, the fee will be processed.