About Karen

Karen Rosner obtained her Bachelor's degree in social work in 1990. Continued to accomplish her Master's in 1995. Karen, a medical social worker at hospitals, clinics and insurance company could relate deeply with her clientele.

Karen was born with a very serious heart defect. Karen’s parents were told that Karen may not make it until her first birthday. Karen had to have emergency open heart surgery at the young age of nine weeks old. After that surgery she had went through 5 other open heart surgeries, a back surgery to infuse rods to Karen’s spine due to scoliosis, a pregnancy, 2 strokes, 7 pacemakers, a cardiac death for 2 minutes and 44 seconds, 2 defibrillators. Then in 2006 Karen had the surgery that changed her life, she had a heart transplant. Karen has been able to live a happy and healthy life since the transplant. Karen also is able to work without interruptions of being hospitalized any longer.

Karen has facilitated numerous groups for survivors who needed a safe container, where they could authentically express how they feel about themselves, their lives and where to go from that moment on. Karen advocates for people in transitions, cross roads and life crisis.

In addition to this, Karen has been an advisor to people with their spending plans, providing them with applicable tools to lean toward a debt free life. Karen's fulfillment also exists as she works with people in a coaching capacity to help them reach their goals and dreams. It moves her when her clients create a life they love and live to their full potential.

Heart-to-Heart Coaching

Making sure her clients receive personalized training is one of Karen's top priorities. During your meetings with her, she'll listen to you attentively to find out what your goals are. She'll then talk with you to develop an achievement plan.

Background Experience

Education wise, Karen has a master's degree in social work. Throughout her 30-plus years in social work, she had worked with many individuals. She has the resilience and drive to help anyone enhance their life. For instance, she even assisted a close friend with achieving their ultimate life goal.

Karen also trained with Dave Ramsey in the area of financial work. She used his teaching to get herself out of debt. Later, she used what she learned to help her clients face different financial obstacles. Now, she wants to pass on the wisdom she has gained to you.

Karen, is due the highest of praise in all facets, she is compassionate, caring and dedicated. Her work ethic is impeccable she is exceptionally knowledgeable and gifted in her chose field of coaching. Karen was an extremely valuable resource and asset to me as a coworker, her knowledge of the transplant process, her willingness to drive 90 miles to speak with my client about what he would face should he embark on the road to transplant was immensely appreciated by my client as well as myself. She is adept at comforting and relieving anxiety with her thoughtful, in depth coaching.

I highly recommend Karen's services, not only is she knowledgeable with regard to the medical field her financial coaching is sage and accurate.

Leah Gibson, BSN, RN